2nd weekend of March: Djs YIDAM, 5VOLTS and DEEP BROWN

THURSDAY 10: DJ YIDAM (Chill out, lounge, electronica)


Yidam is Varun’s projection of electronic ambient and chillout music. Manipulating and producing sounds since the mid-nineties, Varun’s habit of digging for eclectic music and playing for spaces resulted in focusing on downtempo electronica and performing at alternative stages and unconventional venues. Gigging in the States resulted in the formation of ChillUmafia DJ collective with Damon & Robyo in 2005. The subsequent years were spent managing a record label (DBR), experimenting with sound-healing & organising events in NYC and Chicago. After performing at Burning Man in 2008, Varun moved back to Kolkata to start a net-label (liquidfrequency.com), an event company (littlei.in) and set up a production studio.  Since 2009 his DJ sets and tracks have been heard in India, Nepal, Poland, Switzerland, Germany and Portugal.  A background in electronics has also resulted in the use of analog synths, digital controllers and interactive video as part of collaboration projects with jazz musicians and live electronic acts.




Discovering electronic music in the mid-90s in India, Varun’s habit of compiling and manipulating sounds led to a DJ career several aliases. In the early 2000s he started DJing ambient/chillout music under the name Yidam, a project synonymous with a meditative approach to music. Gigging extensively at chill stages in the US, he formed the chillUmafia DJ collective with DJ Damon from Poland in 2005. Later years were spent managing a record label (DBR) and organising events around the country. After experiencing Burning Man in 2008, Varun returned to his hometown in India. Since then he has performed shows in Nepal, Poland, Germany, Switzerland & Portugal. A background in computer engineering led to his newest project 5volts which involves the use of analog and hybrid synthesizers, sensors & interactive coding to create immersive audio-visual experiences in the oldschool/ambient techno head-space.


SATURDAY 12: DJ DEEP BROWN (House, Techno)


Deep Brown is the artistic expression of Ankur Kedia emerging from the sonar by-lanes of Kolkata. His career started in 2006 at the age of 16 by holding residencies at local clubs, which helped him sharpen his skills and set the stage for his audio experiments. Playing at the best clubs & festivals all throughout the subcontinent under his former collaborative project – Undefined Dimension, He gained an understanding of dancefloor attitudes, Thus began his foray into electronic music. The new project – Deep Brown – a mix bag of sounds & emotions, evolving from deep & funky grooves, laid back melodic progressions to the more intense beat driven sounds for the peak hours. He was one of the early adopters of digital DJing & has been very instrumental about the possibilities it has to offer. Playing 4 decks with live drum sequencing, his sets are based on the old-school vibe of pure flow, smooth mixes and an on the fly approach of remixing to keep things fresh and connected to the heart of the floor. Come 2013, He co-created the promotion agency Dusdozen to introduce the deeper shades of House/Techno to Calcutta city which is still running strong with over 50 events in its lifespan of 2 years.

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