3rd weekend of March: Djs SHEEZAN, AUDIO UNITS and SOULSPACE



   The highly prodigious DJ and producer “Sheezan” entered into deejaying at the age of 14.
   After his first experience with deejaying, he only had one dream: playing his own music all over the world. At age 16 he started to learn how to put his creative touch into a digital world, creating music and making first steps in becoming a producer. Supported by his friends and family in the beginning days, Sheezan’s productions slowly drew the attention of the bigger DJ’s in the scene.
   After years of practicing and learning how music is created, he got involved in learning more and more about the harmony within music and thus gaining more and more interest in his first real love within the digital music scene.
AUDIO UNITS / Radhika Patel
   Conquering all realms of music with perfection, Audio Units have time and again struck a chord with those who believe in the sanctity of life and music.  A brainchild of Bangalore based brother duo — Ashwin Baburao a.k.a and Ashrith Baburao – the artistes’ eclectic influences led them to collaborate with each other. While Ashwin Baburao created a niche for himself in the DJ circuit since 2000, playing out to the biggest venues & festivals across the country, Ashrith, decided to give himself a different kind of schooling involving utmost geekery with music and computers. Their passion for music and the ability to magically transform any sound to melody has allowed them to explore a broad range of musical styles.
   Obsessed with quality, soul and futurism, Audio Units have a unique sound cascading between various styles of house music. Dramatized with rich sounds and organic layers; each of their tracks is a perfect blend of intricacy and experimentation. Weaving creamy melodies with chunky bass lines; the artistes have a remarkable way of striking the perfect balance between outlandish themes and subtle harmonies. While some of their tracks are characterized by edgy bass lines and complex structures; the others are an effortless merge of musical boundaries. Brimming with energy, their sets often take you on an intense journey into the world of funky melodic riffs and thundering beats.


   Soulspace distances himself with more exploratory tempos and an experimental beat-maker approach, of which cities like Los Angeles or London are particularly well known for. Yet, the electronica producer behind Soulspace, is worlds apart – hailing from New Delhi, India.
Capable of shifting an aural ambience from downtempo summertime grooves to more club friendly music in a blink of an eye – he produces tracks with melodic, soulful and straight up dance floor sensibilities. 
Recently, launching himself with a stunning debut self-titled LP, he’s already earned support from artists such as Laurent Garnier (F Communications), Nick Warren (Hope Recordings), Kollektiv Turmstrasse (Connaisseur recordings), Komon (Aus music), Denney (Hot creations), Mark Farina (Om records), Miss Nine, Robert Owens (Off recordings), Hollis P Monroe (Noir/Defective) and Pablo Bolivar.

   That’s not all.

Garnering attention from international aficionados he has also recently signed to Germany based record label Traum Schallplatten for multiple releases through the year.

The secret is out.


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