4th weekend of March: Djs ORJA, OMA and PRAMOD SIPPY. HAPPY HOLI!!

Thursday 24th: Dj ORJA


His love for music was always there but it took him a while to realize that he had a way to express it. Soon he joined one of the best DJ training institute of India, Studio Bakers, in 2005 to commence his journey and since then he never looked back. Initiated as a passion, Orja a.k.a Abdul turned music into full time profession in a span of 5 months. In his career of 8 years, Orja played at places like Stone, Q’ba, Lighthouse 13, Zarzura & ASOM (A state of music), many more. Presently working as Resident Dj at Sky (Royal plaza Hotel). The best thing about his career is that he’s been playing at different places that catered to different genres or styles of music. He took each opportunity as a challenge, which enabled him to become impeccable in various styles so that he justifies the task with complete perfection.
Orja has already established a name for himself by his style of mixing. He’s quite popular for his unique style which can be classified as primarily Nu Disco and Techno music. Best known for commercial dance music sets that he played at the Shroom the Nightclub (Awarded Best Nightclub of Delhi, 2012) as a resident DJ.
He’s shared consoles with many international DJs and artists such as Peter Kruder, Basement Jaxx, Uncoded (Dale), Phil Kieran, Midival Pandiz, Yvesv (tomorrowland), Aly & Fila (ASOT) etc, he also love to do underground and private events at regular intervals.
Orja is still busy experimenting with new DJ tech tools and styles of mixing. He is looking forward to releasing his singles in the near future.
Friday 25th: Dj OMA
OMA is known for his flawless flow and for stamping a lasting effect for days to come with his music, now making a mark as a producer and spewing out his state of mind into something tangible in form of his releases. Very influenced by African and South American tribal culture, he believes in making music which serves as stories for the dance floor. After holding numerous number of DJ residencies his very first release ‘Sky Cab’ on Wind Horse Records is making waves in New York and London. Spending most of his time locked inside his studio like a mad scientist he promises to bring his world wide audience a shimmering fresh meaning to Deep House, Tech House and Nu Disco. It’s hard to put a finger on what Oma is playing at any one time and that’s just the way he likes it. Embracing an eclectic approach, he pulls together the best of his favorite sub genres making his sets fresher and more textured. Oma makes dance floor organic and cozy every time he drops a set.
Saturday 26th: Dj PRAMOD SIPPY
Dj Pramod Sippy
One of the youngest DJs to be featured in Time Out Mumbai’s ‘Most influential DJs of all Time’ list, Pramod Sippy (a.k.a DJ Pramz) is one of the city’s most talented electronic dance music practitioners. His eclectic tastes in techno, house, minimal and progressive have bagged him residencies at some of the most cutting edge venues in Bombay. At Rain in Juhu, he helmed a chill out lounge that was way ahead of its time in 2005; at Lush and later, at White Lounge in Phoenix Mills, Pramz was responsible for the musical direction of the both clubs, which played the funkiest, classiest and most current electronic dance music at the time. He has also DJed at every conceivable top venue and festival in the country.
From Blue Frog, Zenzi Mills, China House, Aurus, to 360, BnC and Touch in Hyderabad, Stone Water Grill and Gaia in Pune to The Lalit, the Park Hotel in Delhi, and more. He has gigged throughout venues in Europe and was also specially featured at the Cologne Pop festival 2010, as one of the DJs to watch out for from India. As co-founder of Audio Grammar, he is responsible for selecting the acts and networking with local and international DJs. His choices determine the music that hundreds of people across the country will be listening to. And most often than not, it means that you are guaranteed to have a memorable nightlife experience – one that will have you talking till your kids come along.

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