Pop up

On 23rd April, Janpath is going to get its new definition. Every month Informal will be discovering and bringing together some of the most exciting and new apparel and accessories’ designers all under one roof at a central location just for you to wine and shop at the same time!

From hand printed fabrics to 3D printed designs on your jewellery, this months collated shop is going to give you fresh look and a lot to see and talk about this fruity sangria-filled summers for sure!

Check out our discoveries this month:

– Natasha Kapur
– Noor by Sakshi
– Zarchi

– A bit of me
– Being Snazzy
– Invitation by Elements
– Mirakin

What’s more? A bit of the magic juice always makes the day better! All shoppers get 1+1 on our famous Sangria pitchers and 2 +1 on Sangria by the glass.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Please feel free to call at +91 9999539389 incase of any queries.

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