Spread over 6,000 square feet and three floors and with a huge parking; Informal is located in the heart of Delhi, but far enough from the noisy streets jammed with traffic. The hide street of Tolstoy Lane (Janpath-Connaugh Place) will become soon the place to go if you want to party like never before!!

But Informal has many other good reasons to discover it. As you step through the doors of this urban club, you enter a world full of zeal and excitement. It promises to bring a high level of creativity to Delhi’s Nightlife with an array of healthy food options created for our Spanish Chef Nuria Rodriguez: from the charcoal grills of the Far East to the tandoors of Central Asia.

Already curious? Well, ‘curiosity is just the beginning of an adventure‘, so prepare yourself to be “clipped” cause INFORMAL is about to hit the town.


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  1. Atithya Saxena says:

    Amazing place. Loved the ambience 💕 Good food and we just loved the live music. 👌🏻

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Atithya!! We hope see you back soon!!


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